Post Script (and more cakes!)

Well we have been back a week now, and desperately trying to hang on to all our memories of a stunning trip.

To tie up a few loose ends, our remaining Siamese, Suay (Thai for ‘beautiful’) is pitifully thin, but has survived, and doesn’t seem too bad.  She is very cross with us, first she loses her sister, and then we disappear for nearly five weeks, but she is beginning to forgive us.


The Bible is safely home, and we will plan a round of family visits to show it off.

Roger’s 70th birthday surprises continued.  When we got home, we found that the son who has emigrated to Spain had come back for the celebrations with his two girls, a real joy to see them.  We had one day at home, then off for a weekend in the wonderful Old Swan Hotel at Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire.

Old Swan and Minster Mill

The Graceland Teddy and Blue Cat felt right at home, put to bed by the hotel staff!

The Graceland Teddy and Blue Cat felt right at home, put to bed by the hotel staff!

The hotel produced a gorgeous fresh cream and berries cake on the Friday.


The whole family, including the family now living in Spain, managed to get there eventually for a celebration Saturday lunch, despite motorway hassles., and there was my coffee and walnut cake (his favourite) served for afternoon tea on the Saturday.

We thought that might be the last of the cakes, but Roger’s sister dropped in on Monday with a rich chocolate cake made for him by his nephew, that makes 5.  The diet will be starting shortly!

The rings have arrived back safely from Jasper, thank you Brenda for finding them and sending them on.

The cheque from Alaska Airlines for the damaged case has been refused by HSBC however, and I am still trying to get the money back.  Not helped by the local post office lady chatting to a colleague and hence giving me only a proof of posting.  I had paid for track and trace online for returning the useless cheque, the envelope was clearly marked with this, but with no tracking details sticker on it, who knows if it will actually make its way back, or get held up somewhere.  If a thing is going to go wrong…….

I have now updated the Memphis page with photos,  If you want to see what Elvis’s home looks like, read about and see the Sun Studio where he recorded his first records, or the museum on the site of where Martin Luther King was shot, do have a look.  Now that it doesn’t take forever to upload them I will add to other pages in due course, so the blog is still a work in progress.

And finally, if you have enjoyed travelling with the Foads, our other blog from 2012 will tell you what we got up to circumnavigating the globe – now that really was an adventure of a lifetime….. 🙂   Roz and Roger going round the world

Keep in touch!


Today we left the Queen Mary, kindly collected by our daughter, and headed home, we are now back with a bemused Siamese cat, who is pleased to see us really.

I have updated some of the QM2 page, IMG_1612

putting in pictures of Halifax etc that I was not able to do at sea because the connection wasn’t fast enough.  Do have a look.

This trip is now over, we feel sad, but glad to see the family again.  Thank you all for sharing it with us, please let us have any comments, and if the finances permit, hope to have you along at some future date?

Warmest regards to you all.

Roz and Roger Foad


Life Aboard the Queen Mary 2, luxury personified!

Sorry if this post sounds like gloating, please forgive us, but we have a beautiful cabin on a beautiful ship with superb food and surroundings.  The other passengers are lovely, and we will treasure these few days on our way home.

I have posted an up to date summary of what we have been up to on the QM2 webpage, once more apologies for lack of photos, but the one of our cabin took 7 minutes of precious internet time to load.


Can’t believe in four days we will be docking in Southampton and this will all be over, so forgive us if we seem to be making the most of our last few days!

How is life at home?


Logged on to the Cunard page last night, and found we have been upgraded to a Princess Grill suite!  But as this is on the port side of the ship, does this mean we are no longer POSH (Port Out Starboard Home? 🙂

Will try and catch up with the New York page from the ship, but there are some new photos on there.  How many of you have stayed with us all trip?  Well done if so, would be good to hear from you?

Country Music and Neon Lights

9th July

Settled into Catherine and Tom’s lovely old Victorian B and B in the outskirts of Nashville, a very pretty leafy suburb, with incredible houses.

Have managed to up date the blog for almost the rest of Memphis and our arrival in Nashville.  As the internet is so much better here, I hope to get some pictures on soon, but our adventures are on the Memphis and Nashville pages.  Off out now to the Country Music Hall of Fame!

Slow internet continues, but we have enjoyed New Orleans, now in Memphis

I have put up two more pages, describing our adventures in New Orleans (NWOR-Lens as the locals call it) and now we have arrived in Memphis.  I am hugely frustrated by the slow internet speeds, which means I can’t upload photos.

I hope my decriptions on New Orleans and Memphis will give you a taste of these two very different places, hope you enjoy reading at least!

Katie, Bible, and Portland

We arrived in Portland last night, met Katie at the airport and settled in to a beautiful bed and breakfast place up a hill in the forest to the north of Oregon.

Katie came over afer breakfast with the long anticipated Bible, see the Portland page for rurther details.

Today we have been to Multnomah Falls, for lunch, and up Mount Hood to close to the top.  We had tea at the Timberline Lodge Hotel, just below the snow line, and drove home to pack, we have to move to an airport hotel tomorrow for an early flight on 4th.

As mentioned before, the internet is too slow here to permit the uploading of photos, hope to do so as soon as we can, keep watching!  All details of today on Portland Page

One long day’s driving over..

WE have made it to Savona, just outside Kamloops, 302 miles.  I think we have driven greater distances, but this one seemed a long haul, pehaps because of the non-stop speed restrictions.

I have written up the details on the Kamloops/Savona page, now to work out what to do tomorrow, the wildlife centre looks interesting, though it is going to be very hot.

This was the welcome site that greeted us after driving all day.