Roz and Roger, who are we?

close up R and R

We are two pensioners, Roger and Roz, from St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK, with four children, six grandchildren and a blue point Siamese.  We fill our time with volunteering activities locally and looking after grandchildren.  And when we can, we like to explore the world.

We have come to world travel a bit late in life, and are making up for lost time.  2012 saw us circumnavigating the globe from East to West, and now we are off to explore the Canadian Rockies and the USA.

We are creating this blog so our family and friends can keep an eye on what we get up to whilst on our travels.

It’s a way of reassuring them that we haven’t fallen off a cliff, into a glacier crevasse, or flown into a mountain, and that we will be back to resume babysitting duties in due course!

However if anyone else would like to follow the progress of two silver haired (well one blonde, one silver!) pensioners on their adventures through Canada and the USA, we would love to have you along. 🙂

Feel free to post comments, hints and tips?

1 thought on “Roz and Roger, who are we?”

  1. So glad you are both safely on my side of the pond! Have a wonderful time exploring Banff and surrounding area. I’ve started my countdown until I greet you at PDX! Love, Katie


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